Job Title: CDL Driver, Dump Truck Operator

Job Description:

The Dump Truck Operator is responsible for the safe operation of our dump trucks. The job involves hauling materials from location to location within a construction site as well as loading and unloading materials. Observation of standard safety practices when operating our vehicles is a must.

The position is full time, first shift, Monday through Friday.

There will be a 401k in place but no health insurance.

Pay is $17+ per hour based on experience and will increase to $18 after a probationary period if performing well.

Drug test upon hiring and randomly thereafter.

Required Skills:
• CDL Driver, Class A or B
• Valid drivers’ license and clean driving record
• Ability to transport and dump loose materials such as sand, gravel, crushed rock, coal or bituminous paving materials by performing the following duties:
• Drive truck to destination.
• Pull levers or turn crank to tilt body and dump contents.
• Inspect truck equipment and supplies such as tires, lights, brakes, gas, oil and water and perform pre- and post-trip inspections.
• Responsible for the condition of vehicle. For example, keep truck clean and in good working order.
• Inspect material to ensure it has been loaded correctly and review shipping documents to verify all information is accurate.
• Must maintain a clean driving record.

Required Experience:
• 1-year experience operating commercial vehicles.

Company Description:

We are dedicated to professional, high-quality asphalt paving solutions for new build projects, as well as all the pre-phase and post-phase services needed for a complete solution. We ensure our clients get the best end product while keeping the overall construction project on track.

Please email us your resumé and cover letter.